Demineralized Water System

Demineralized Water System

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We are a prominent Demineralized Water System manufacturer, supplier and exporter, catering the needs of Boiler Feed, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food & Beverage and Oil & Gas industries, etc. These plants have advanced demineralization techniques that can provide varied standards of water purity. Our DM Water Systems render high volume / constant use flow, as these have excellent system uses ion-exchange procedure for eliminating the minerals like calcium, copper, iron and cations of sodium etc. Inexpensive, long lasting and low maintenance, our DM Plants are just fine for various industrial applications.

Key Features of Demineralized Water System :-

  • Low Regeneration Cost
  • Simple To Install & Operate
  • Long Operating Cycles
  • Use Less Energy
  • Free From Rust
  • Consistent Treated Water Quality